About us

Focus on the entrepeneur, moving ahead together

We have the WTA (Law for acces to audit organisations)  licence from the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM)  and, based on this licence, are authorised to audit your annual accounts. With great regularity, the local authorities check the quality of the work of audit firms. We are a supporter of this, as it keeps us on our toes to continuously improve our quality. Besides the WTA licence, we also have the WFT licence so that we are also allowed to offer advisory services in the field of (collective) pensions. Because of these memberships, you can rest assured that we are always well informed about developments in our fields and that the services we offer are of guaranteed quality. CROP and/or CROP staff are members of the: NBA (Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants) NOB (Dutch Association of Tax Advisers) SRA (Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Consultants) NIRV (Dutch Institute for Registered Valuators) NIRPA (Dutch Institute for Registered Payroll Accounting)

Since 1965, CROP accountants & consultants has been helping entrepreneurs move forward, allowing them time and energy to devote to doing business. Because we collaborate with you and our internal specialists, you can rely on us for all your financial questions during your entrepreneurial journey.

The people who make CROP

A total of about 300 professionals work each day with great pleasure for our entrepreneurs.

National coverage

We have branches in Amersfoort, Arnhem, Ede, Hoofddorp and Utrecht. Each of them is staffed by professionals with extensive technical expertise and a healthy dose of commercial and social skills. See our locations.

We are happy to sit down with you to discuss the future of your organisation. That’s because we believe in long-term cooperation and focus on sustainable results.

Everything under one roof

CROP combines the flexibility of a medium-sized office with the quality and expertise of a large organisation. For instance, CROP is in the top 15 of offices in the Netherlands with the most chartered accountants and we have many areas of expertise under one roof. As a result, we always look at the bigger picture and like to think along with you. Learn more about our services.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Audit & assurance
  • Compilation & administration
  • Tax services
  • Family services
  • Legal
  • HR services
  • IT audit & services
  • Corporate finance
  • Interim services
  • International
National coverage with 5 locations Everything under one roof, with personal attention A network of 275+ colleagues



“Our mission is to give entrepreneurs peace of mind and energy.”

CROP gives entrepreneurs peace of mind and energy. We provide certainty about the financial and numerical side of a company. The figures are thus ‘trusted’ for the user of the information, which gives peace of mind. At the same time, we give you as an entrepreneur energy to look ahead. The trusted figures then form the basis for data analyses, risk analyses, decision information and advice. We give trusted advice.

Brand values

Our clients are mainly entrepreneurs from the upper SME segment and non-profit organisations. When we started talking to our staff and clients, it quickly became clear: our personal approach is what characterises us. A hands-on approach and client commitment is part of our our DNA. Because of the personal approach and good cooperation, we are well able to see the broader picture and also look ahead. Personal attention, good cooperation and a view of the future, that is CROP.

  • Attention
    We are genuinely interested in your organisation and we don’t just want to know what you dream about, but also what keeps you awake. We identify the cause of your financial distress and provide expert advice. We find it important to keep you informed of new developments and continue to inspire you with issues that are relevant to you. Doubting something? Avoid mistakes and call us to aks your questions. We are happy to think along with you.
  • Together
    You will have a permanent sparring partner who listens carefully to your needs and can hook up other specialists when necessary. It is no coincidence that many of our business relations have been our customers for years. This is how we make the difference together, so that you are well prepared for the future and have energy left over to focus on doing business.
  • Forward
    The world is changing. While this is something of all times, the pace and complexity of change is increasing all the time. Technological developments mean that, as an entrepreneur, you can do more and more yourself. That’s great, but where do you start? In order to be a successful entrepreneur in the world of tomorrow, it is crucial to have insight into your data, your systems and the risks and threats at play for your organisation. At CROP, in recent years we have invested in the digitisation of administrations and dashboards, IT Audit, security and data analysis. This allows us to help you move forward in the best possible way in this area too.



Quality is the basis of everything we do. Laws and regulations take precedence here, although we focus not on the rule, but on the purpose of the rule. We are constantly looking for reliable, relevant information and you can always expect the honest story from us. Internally, we keep quality high by investing in the professionalism of our people. In external training courses, intervision and an open feedback system, cases are discussed. This is how we continue to grow and can deliver the quality and security expected of us.

To provide you with professional care and information, we hold various licences, work closely with other organisations and our employees are members of various trade and professional associations. In addition to annual professional training courses, they regularly attend the necessary skills training courses.


CROP has a regular Wta license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Based on this permit, we are authorized to carry out statutory audits for regular companies (other than PIEs). The independent supervisory authority AFM monitors the quality of the work of audit firms. We support this because it keeps us focused on keeping quality high.

In addition to the Wta permit, CROP also has a Wft permit to provide advice in the field of (collective) pensions.

CROP and/or our employees are affiliated with:

  • NBA (Royal Dutch Professional Organization of Accountants)
  • NOB (The Dutch Association of Tax Advisors)
  • SRA (Network organization of independent accounting firms)
  • NIRV (Dutch Institute for Registered Valuators)
  • BOBB (Professional Organization for Specialists in Business Transfers)
  • NIRPA (Dutch Institute of Registered Payroll Administration)