HR Services

The power of a good human resources policy

People are at the centre of everything at CROP. We are convinced that good personnel make the difference for your organisation. The foundation for this is in a good Human Resources policy. It is increasingly more important that people are given the opportunity to grow, to develop themselves and to use their talents to the best of their abilities. The demand on organisations to devote more time to this is on the rise.

Our HR specialists are pleased to assist you, starting from the commencement of employment up to the moment that an employee leaves – and everything in between. The correct and most favourable application of tax regulations, compensations and levies, but also employment contracts, personnel files and salary administration. We take a broad view of things, ensuring a policy that is suitable for your organisation. This is very useful during good times and pure necessity in bad times. This easily provides a return of investment, if you ask us.

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Marcel van Bakel
Coordinator HR services