HR Consult & Support

Do you need help with an HR case or do you want to be an attractive employer through a good HR policy?

We are happy to advise and support you from our various specialist areas to design and set up a policy that suits your organisation. By properly designing HR processes, you will be prepared for the challenges that employment relationships bring. An additional advantage is that a good personnel policy indirectly reduces costs, and also makes you more attractive as an employer.
We can offer you the following services:

HR Consult

  • Management: Advice on designing a strategic personnel policy
  • Employees: (Confidential) advisor for employees on HR issues
  • Sick leave: Advice on sick leave policy and concrete sick leave files
  • Valuing & rewarding employees: Advice on designing a valuation & reward system and on primary and secondary employment conditions
  • Employee performance: Advice on the use of HR instruments to promote an adequate performance of employees

HR Support

  • Employment conditions: Setting up employment conditions packages, drawing up staff regulations if no collective labour agreement is in force, and setting up a valuation & remuneration system
  • Support in current HR matters: Setting up a personnel information system, HR work processes, providing support for ongoing HR department activities and/or HR projects
  • Occupational Health & Safety: Providing support for absenteeism case management, implementing and providing support in risk inventory & evaluation on the work floor
  • Sparring partner: For employer & employees in HR issues, such as forms of leave or external confidential counsellor
  • Employer & employee interviews: Providing support to HR in interviews with e.g. manager and employee

Employer & Employee Journey

  • Employee journey: designing a process description from job application to hiring and onboarding of staff
  • Recruitment & Selection: designing recruitment processes within your organisation
  • Career policy: continuing discussing suitable career paths together during employment
  • Sustainable employability: deploying a vitality policy and an age policy to ensure sustainable employability
  • Training & development: mapping out together which training (program) can contribute to the development of your personnel
  • Conversation cycle: performance and assessment, how do you in a structured manner discuss the performance of an employee? As a manager, how do you assess your employees?

HR Policy

  • Strategic personnel planning: mapping out the strategic personnel planning by means of a step-by-step plan
  • Talent management: How do I empower my employees? The right person in the right place, recruiting new talent
  • Personnel system: demo of suitable HR & Finance package to support the entire employee process in your organisation, and possible implementation thereof
  • Laws and regulations: up-to-date personnel policy on the basis of the current laws and regulations

Do you want to know more about the above? Then contact our HR consultants for advice and/or support.

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