Administration & Compilation

We help you get more out of your figures

We are pleased to help you with your administration and prepare your annual accounts, making you fully compliant with statutory obligations. As part of these tasks, we offer you a constant insight into your figures. You will see immediately how your company is performing on issues that matter and which you can anticipate.

Our accountants are personal sparring partners for you and they have a wide knowledge and lots of experience. We read and understand in between the lines and advise you at key decision points. When necessary, we easily recruit other experts. We are personal and pragmatic in our approach and we try to simplify matters for you as much as possible. By automating the administrative processes, working in the cloud and using dashboards and handy reports, you are always able to get more out of your figures.


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Administrative services
As an entrepreneur, you are required to do bookkeeping or to conduct financial administration.
Preparing the annual account
An annual account is a financial end of year report of an enterprise. CROP accountants can compile a reliable report for you.
Management information and advice
The purpose of an annual account is not only to review the past year, but it can certainly give you excellent insight into opportunities for the future. Using Vision Planner, you have online, real-time access to a current management dashboard.
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